Spring Summer Fall Winter And Spring Essay Writing

William Shakespeare (Playwright and poet, quoted from Sonnet 18)
Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date:

Kellie Elmore (Author)
I love how summer just wraps its arms around you like a warm blanky.

James Russell Lowell (Poet)
What is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days

Ada Louise Huxtable (Writer)
Summer is the time when one sheds one's tensions with one's clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit.

Aristotle (Ancient Greek philosopher)
One swallow does not make a summer, neither does one fine day; similarly one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy

John Lubbock (Baron, banker, naturalist)
Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time.

Robert Louis Stevenson: Bed in Summer (Author)
In winter I get up at night
And dress by yellow candle-light.
In summer quite the other way,
I have to go to bed by day.

I have to go to bed and see
The birds still hopping on the tree,
Or hear the grown-up people's feet
Still going past me in the street.

And does it not seem hard to you,
When all the sky is clear and blue,
And I should like so much to play,
To have to go to bed by day?

James Dent (Writer)
A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken

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When to Capitalize Seasons

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Knowing when to capitalize seasons can be confusing. The seasons used in the English language have specific capitalization rules that depend on how they are used. Whether they are generic or proper nouns or used in titles dictate when they are capitalized. There are a few exceptions to the general rules as well.

Seasons as generic nouns/adjectives

When used generally, the seasons (summer, spring, fall or autumn and winter) are not capitalized because they are not proper nouns. When seasons are used generically, make sure to use them in all lower case. Consider the following examples:

Example 1: The temperature in Michigan drops considerably in the fall, and in the winter, the temperatures are sometimes below zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Example 2: Last summer’s humidity levels were higher than normal.

Example 3: The best time to plant your garden is in the spring.

Seasons as proper nouns

When seasons are part of a proper noun, they are capitalized. Consider the following examples:

Example 4: The 2012 Summer Olympics are in London, England, and they include (among many others) the summer sports of diving, field hockey, basketball and gymnastics.

Example 5: Winter Semester 2011 was a tough semester for her because her winter schedule consisted of 20 credits.

In the above examples, the seasons are capitalized when they are part of a proper noun (2012 Summer Olympics, Winter Semester 2011), but they are in the lower case when they are generic adjectives in a noun phrase (summer sports, winter schedule).

Seasons in titles

Whenever a season is used as part of a title, it is capitalized following normal title capitalization rules. Consider the following titles:

  1. Fall Fashion: The Best Shoes of 2011
  2. How to Stay Warm This Winter
  3. 10 Tips to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat


There are two exceptions to the rules that govern when to capitalize seasons. The first is when a season starts a sentence. When this happens, normal sentence capitalization rules apply. The other exception is when a season is personified, as if often done in poetry for stylistic reasons. When a season is personified, it is given human qualities.

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